Video Productions of the Cello-Klavier-Atelier Ringe&Saito Heidelberg

On the 14th of Mai 2009
the 15 Etudes for 2 Cellos op. 76 by David Popper with a new piano part
have been performed as a premiere
in the Musikhaus Hochstein in Heidelberg.
Cellists: Chizu, Lydia, Rita, Tanja and Ute



~ ~ ~


Performance in the course of the Couperin-Projekt 2009
at the 4th Advent Mass in the Johanneskirche Heidelberg-Neuenheim
on Sunday the 20th December 2009

Louis Couperin   [1662-1701]
I Canaries   II Sarabande en Canon   III Courante
Nikolaus Ringe, Lydia Eberhard, Martina Kübler
Die Heidelberger Cellisten   Cello-Klavier-Atelier Ringe&Saito Heidelberg



Rehearsal on Friday the 18th December 2009.


Concert in the Alte Aula der Universität Heidelberg
on the 12th December 2009


The second movement Largo from
the Sonata in c-Minor by Johann David Heinichen [1683-1729]
arranged for three cellos by Werner Thomas-Mifune

Die Heidelberger Cellisten
Nikolaus Ringe, Tanja Lung, Lydia Eberhard

Recorded on Sunday the 30th November 2008
in the Johanneskirche Heidelberg – Neuenheim

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